The Team

Let me introduce you to the team ……

Philip Marks

Wendy Marks

We have been very focused on our business over the past 40 years;  have raised our two well adapted children Shona and Aston who are now educated and successful business owners;  moved countries;  built a combined 14 houses, buildings and office blocks; enjoyed travelling and seeing wildlife in its natural state.   I like city tours;  Philip hates them!      So, we compromise.    I go with girlfriends to different cities around the world and I go with Philip to the remote exotic places.  That’s a good compromise isn’t it!

Most of our travels are in remote places  like Antarctica,  the Arctic and Africa.   Now it’s time for a change….

After much research by Philip, planning to build his own yacht, learning on a Rob Legg 24′ then a Beneteau 43′,  we have purchased the best all round yacht possible, to sail anywhere on the planet …… a Garcia Exploration 45.

We are going sailing!