Around the World in 20 Days

Around the world in 20 days with the Wattle Club!  Delly, Alison, Wendy, Tracey, Hayley and Sam

Our motto:    ‘Wattle we see next!’

Gladstone to Brisbane to :

Los Angeles … Hollywood, Disneyland                           New York … Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, 5th Avenue, Broadway show – The Lion King                                                                                               London … Greenwich, The Thames, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Harrods, West Minister Abbey,  Trafalgar Square                                                    White Cliffs of Dover …Dover to Calais through Belgium                                                                                       Amsterdam … red light district,                                   Munich to Cologne … Gothic Cathedral,  adjacent just Delly and I by chance,  found a massive room with world maps dating back a few hundred years, 2 massive world globes which would have been a ‘Men’s Only Club’ in it’s day.  Glass blowing, el fresco dinning and the smell of coffee.                                                                   Vienna … gondola ride, opera singers, spectacular mask stalls scattered across the rivers edge luring the tourists                                                                                               Swiss Alps … horse drawn wagon took us to a Swiss home were we dined on fresh homemade cheese, bread, jams, wine and nibbles.  How beautiful!                    Rome … The Vatican, Sistine Chapel, saw the Pope giving his Palm Sunday open service at the Basilica of St Peter’s, Michael Angelo’s amazing works of art, the Colosseum,  the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountains, the ruins where Julius Caesars died at the hands of Roman Senator Brutus                             Florence to Paris … Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, stage show at the Merlin Rouge,  drive down the Champs Elysee,  boat cruise down the River Seine,  Tuscany                                                                                       London to Singapore … shopping, breakfast with the orangutans then Brisbane and home … to not very happy husbands!