A walk down town

A little bit of history first but where do I start! Civilisation here goes back as far as Neanderthals some 230,000 years ago. But, let’s bring time forward to modern humans arriving around 9,000 BC and even later. The Romans began their conquest of Britain in 43AD. They departed in the 5th century opening the doors to invaders. Rulers of Britain extended their control over Welsh territories and into western England but they were unable to unite Wales for long. King Edward I conquered Wales and in 1282 seized control the church here and built his castle with walls surrounding their homes, markets and trading area. Inside the walls were now for the British and the Welsh were banished to the outside. Curfews at night would have kept the Welsh out only to enter during the day to trade. No wonder the Welsh have revolted against the British over the centuries. Despite heavy British rule the Welsh have always retained their language and culture.

800 years ago, having British heritage, Philip would have been welcomed within the castle gates. I am of Irish decent so who knows if I would have gotten in! Or smuggled in under a bail of hay in the back of a horse driven cart! I think I’ve seen too many Robin Hood movies!

The photos below show our walk to the main shopping town of Conwy. It’s quaint little shops, florists, bakeries, butcher and coffee shops leaves a nostalgic feeling of bygone years.

Cattle grid crossing, not sure why, for horses and carriages on the left, walkers through the centre gate and cars to the right
Walking path around the river towards town centre
Following the stone walled pathway towards the castle
End of the walkway
High Street ….. enter only if you’re British!
Oops..No! That was 800 years ago!
Dogs are allowed anywhere and I mean anywhere! This little pooch (not the ornament in the window) but the one sitting on the lounge in a coffee shop is very much the standard here.
Yesteryear Toy Shop, was owned by James’ parents, Mike and Wendy (Georgina). They now own the store next door with the same stripped awning, Conwy Collectibles.
Local butcher sells beautiful meats and ready made meals even South African boerewors!

The Florist
The local bakery where everything is baked on the premises.
The red building – The Smallest House in Britain
Occupied by a man over 6′ tall then by an elderly couple

We now wait for our main crew member to arrive from Australia, Carrie De Britt on 29th May. At the moment we are planning to sail on 7th June, northwards to Scotland, through the Caledonian Canal, Loch Ness to Inverness. Weather permitting, sail on wards to the Shetland Islands then Tromso in Norway.

Changes can happen at any time though. Watch this space….

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  1. That was so interesting possum, u said u would look for the Loch Ness monster as u Cruze thru. It is lovely u have the time to explore Conway. The history, Church, Kings, We are a grain of sand in the scheme of life.the election is on 18 th. May Poss we will vote in Maryborough bofore we leave for Tiaro. Looking forward to the next update love Delly

  2. Thank you for such a comprehensive tour of this lovely, unspoilt town! Wendy – many a professional journalist these days could take a leaf from your book! History of the region well covered and very interesting.

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